“The battle that saved civilization” – Cardinal Richelieu

While defending the Habsburg Empire Count Zrinsky found himself besieged at fort Sziget by a hostile army of at least 100000 Ottoman soldiers with powerful artillery. He only had about 2300 men under his command assembled prior to the siege from his personal forces and those of his allies.

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent tried to entice Zrinsky to surrender ultimately offering him rule over Croatia as an Ottoman dominion. When some of the captains and soldiers started to doubt Zrinsky and his leadership a conspiracy unfolds and the battle for Sziget is fought inside the fortress walls as well.

The siege of Sziget took place between August 5th and September 8th 1566. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent suffered a death from natural causes in his tent. The Turks suffered more than 30000 causalities during the attacks. Almost all of Zrinsky’s garrison was killed. Most of the final 600 men were killed on the last day.

Creator, developer, producer: Kras Gancev
6 episodes: one broadcast hour format. Shot in Full HD.
Language: Croatian, Hungarian, Turkish