Milles, feature film - Development supported by Croatian Audio Visual Centre

Milles: “..I’m not seeing purpose to my life anymore… in all these years I lived the life some people couldn’t even imagine doing in several lifetimes combined…”

Based on a true events and a true character.
Milles is a thief. Not usual kind. This introverted and shy law student steals mostly rare and very valuable books, maps, magazines etc from National Library. Millions of dollars has been made by selling stolen goods in Rome, Vienna, London, Paris etc… Foreign and local collectors and buyers knowingly ignored the obvious signs of fault game and kept it going while Milles kept coming back with more goods.

The story takes place in Zagreb (Croatia, former YU) starting at 1982 on the verge of collapse of the communism and continuously going on for several years.
Milles was in his early twenties when started. He was never caught. He turned himself in.

Screenplay & director: Darko Suvak
Producers: Kras Gancev, Darko Suvak (Milles productions, Los Angeles, USA)


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